Orlando City SC on Monday announced suspensions for 38 fans who were involved in an incident that included trash being thrown on the field during the Lions’ May 13th rivalry match against Atlanta United.

Club CEO Alex Leitão and Vice President of Gameday Operations Alex Wolf, announced changes coming to Orlando City Stadium. The changes include:

  1. If a fan throws an object on the field, a PA announcer will make an immediate statement regarding the ramifications of throwing things on the field. A graphic will also be displayed on the video board.
  2. A fan code of conduct video involving players is being created.
  3. The stadium will transition to an all-pour venue. Every drink will be poured into a cup without a lid. No beer bottles or cans can be distributed in the stadium. Cans will still be available in suites, but can’t leave the suites.
  4. More cameras will be installed in the inner bowl of the stadium to ensure 360-degree views at all times.

“The field is our holy ground,” Wolf said. “It’s a sanctuary here. Let’s respect it. Keep the passion, but let’s not disrespect the field.”

The 38 fans came from all around the stadium and will be informed by mail of their suspensions, Wolf said. He added the club will know when the fans who were suspended receive their notifications. Those who are suspended will be notified how they can eventually regain access to the stadium.

Leitão said the club is “100 percent sure” which fans are being suspended. This is absolutely ridiculous. Fans being suspended, really?!? I find this laughable. I mean, kick them out, don’t suspend them.