When football season begins, it feels like Christmas—and when it’s in full swing, it’s even better for all who enjoy it. 


Favored teams show off their skills with pigskins and rival teams take them on for 18 weeks. Ideally, one will watch every game each week and be caught up that way. However, life can take one through new adventures each day, so if you find yourself not being able to catch a game, don’t fret. Here are several places where you can catch up with the football season when watching at home isn’t an immediate option.

Cruise Ships

You’ve treated yourself to a luxury cruise because you’ve worked hard and you deserve it. The cruise itself is wonderful, but there’s just one minor issue: you’re going to miss your favorite team playing tonight. The best cruise ships to vacation on will have cable or live streaming available for passengers onboard. Not only will there already be plenty of options for entertainment on your cruise, you’ll get a chance to unwind even more in-between itineraries.


After your trip to your destination is over, you’ll likely be checking into a hotel. Hotels are an excellent place to watch TV in your vacation downtime because they’ll have many basic cable channels to choose from. Many hotels will have different channel lineups, so check the TV guides before you begin to search for the game. If a game is happening on the same day, check in advance so you don’t miss a single minute.


One can never go wrong with the classic ambiance and camaraderie of the bar. Unless there is a bar in particular you really enjoy, any bar is suitable for indulging in great food and watching the football games on the many different TV screens. Get together with friends or shoot the breeze with the bartenders; either way, prepare for good times and great sports ahead.

Your Neighbor’s House

If you’re friendly with your neighbors and they love football, ask them to watch the game together and celebrate, if they’d like. There’s no travelling required, which makes this option very convenient when you can’t watch it at your home. Bring plenty of snacks and order a pizza or two to maximize the entertainment factor and nourish yourself and your neighbors during the game.

Your School’s Campus

College campuses are a mecca of college football gatherings, but they’re just as exciting a place to watch professional football matches. Many campuses have their own bars for students and faculty to have a drink after hours or have a bite in-between classes. These bars have TVs that will be set to the game before one can even ask. Plus, if you have to cram for an exam, the ambiance of the bar and the commotion of the games will provide great background noise to help you focus.


Though they are similar to bars in that they serve drinks, restaurants make another excellent location for anyone to watch a football game. When you walk through the doors, you’ll be greeted with the smell of fresh food cooking, the sight of drinks being poured, and the sound of sports blaring from the screens. It functions similarly like a bar, but there’s more food options on the menu. Restaurants have their televisions set up from every angle, so whether you’re dining indoors or outdoors, you’re guaranteed a great view.


The place where everyone pregames before the big game is likely the last place one would expect, but it’s very possible to watch the game at the tailgate! With the rise of cord cutting, it’s never been easier to stream live sports wherever one goes. A TV, streaming device, and a streaming service of your choice are all you’ll need to get started and keep the tailgate festivities going, even after the game starts.


It’s inconvenient when you aren’t able to watch a game from home, but that doesn’t mean you’ll miss it altogether. There are many options like these to help you keep score on the wins, losses, draws, and celebrations.