Although the baseball season has just started for New York Yankees, superstar Aaron Judge, and his girlfriend from last year seem to be over. The Home Run Derby winner stepped out with his girlfriend Jen Flaum last season, and now are sources are telling us it’s completely over. 

Flaum, who recently graduated from the University of Michigan, is a big Yankees fan, as evidenced by her Instagram page. Now she’s not such a big fan. But she’s still pretty interested in keeping an eye on the Yankees superstar. 

 From our source below: 

Jen got caught out literally stalking him just this week, harassing a stranger on Instagram to send her photos of him with the girls he’s been seeing since they broke up. Aaron called it off, and she’s still trying to get back with him says our source. They are touch and go, and she’s still trying to make it work.  

Judge is way too young to be locked down. He needs a few years under his belt before he decides to settle down. Life on the road can be extremely difficult when you have to check in with someone. See some pictures of Aaron’s old girlfriend Jen below. Is he making a mistake?