Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is attempting to play with an injured left knee.  The hope is the condition improves without further injury.  

Rodgers did admit that further damage to the knee is a concern.  It’s apparently not enough of a concern to have him sit out. 


The concern, however, is that the more the Green Bay Packers quarterback plays on it, the worse it gets.

“Yeah, obviously that’s a concern,” Rodgers said Wednesday. “Hopefully it goes the other way though.”

He admitted that his knee “obviously it won’t be 100 percent, so I’ll just adjust accordingly to how I’m feeling and try to get through.”

The Packers need Rodgers, even with a bum knee, on the field.  They’re currently 1-0-1, after they walked away with a 29-29 tie on Sunday.  

Without Rodgers they would almost certainly be 0-2, as they could very easily be 0-2 with him.  

Even when he’s not healthy, Rodgers is lucky and the Packers are hoping they can turn that luck into a return to the playoffs.  

Is there a more annoying QB in the NFL?