MLB umpire Angel Hernandez is hands down one of the worst umpires on the face of the planet.  Not only does he routinely get calls wrong, he is confrontational when players don’t agree.

That’s exactly what happened during ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball between the Yankees and Angels.  

Yankees pitcher C.C. Sabathia wasn’t happy with a missed strike call that would have given the large lefty a strikeout.  Instead of letting it go, Hernandez followed Sabathia off of the field and exchanged words with him.

Sabathia wasn’t happy with what Hernandez had to say and let him know about it, “Don’t talk to me.  Call f*cking strikes.”

Yankees manager Aaron Boone didn’t appreciate Hernandez talking to his pitcher either and came sprinting out of the dugout to confront him.

Just the worst.  Can we get him out of the major leagues please?  He’s terrible.