More from the China Klay Anta tour from Guiyang in China, this time Klay was on a 5 hour  stop on a six-city visit. That’s a lot of travel. This interview is in reference to the incident in Taiyuan below: 

When asked for a comment on the incident, Klay had this to say: 

“Uh, yeah, just, um, it’s honestly pretty normal to me. The best part about it is we’re gonna move on and have a great finale on Saturday. But guys are competitive and sometimes your emotions get the best of you, whether it’s on the streetball court, in the arena or in you’re backyard. So I’ve been in plenty of scuffles. No big deal. Like I said before, we move on. We have a great finale on Saturday and we should be adults about it and have some fun. So, not too serious and I expect a great turnout on Saturday and I’m just excited — Saturday or Sunday. It’s gonna be an amazing finale. ‘Shock The Game’ finale. Be there!” 

It takes a lot to see Klay Thompson get upset. I’m pretty sure he’s never expressed that sort of emotion on the court during an NBA game. It must be China Klay his alter ego, not Klay Thompson.