Rumors were circulating the interweb that Rockets All-Star James Harden and R&B singer Ashanti were back to being an item. Those rumors were started by us, and eventually Ashanti showed her face at a Rockets game, backing up our claims they were back together. 

Now things have cooled off as of late, with no signs of Ashanti at any Rockets game, or anything to indicate the two are still an item. Then we found this, Ashanti’s mom, Tina Douglas, liking a video that was posted on IG fan site Ashantinews. You can see the screengrab below. 

So this begs the question, why is Ashanti’s mom liking James Harden videos? Does this mean they’re still a thing. I certainly think it’s not a random like. Where there’s likes, there’s usually We’ll keep an eye on these two, see if anything more develops. In the meantime check out some of Ashanti’s mom’s IG posts below: