California lawmakers are attempting to become the first state to ban youth tackle football.  The “Safe Youth Football Act” would ban kids from playing tackle football until high school.

Via Bro Bible:

California could become the first state to ban tackle youth football if a proposed law is approved. On Thursday, California lawmakers introduced the “Safe Youth Football Act,” that would prohibit children from playing football before high school. Assembly members Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) and Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher (D-San Diego) introduced the bill to outlaw tackle football until kids were in 9th grade and it could go into effect by next year.

The lawmakers introduced the bill to ban tackle youth football after several studies were released about the health dangers facing kids who played tackle football. Some medical professionals have said that tackle football could lead to children suffering concussions and brain damage from tackles, hits, and blocking. The research indicates that repetitive brain trauma from football could cause long-term brain damage.

Everyone knows repeated blows to the head aren’t good for anyone, but if your parents okay it, who am I to stop you?  We also know this is just step one to a broader ban of the great game of football.