Houston Rockets forward Carmelo Anthony is still transitioning to life in Houston. The Rockets are off to a pretty terrible start, and now to add insult to injury, his secret child’s baby mother Mia Angel Burks is speaking out. 

Mia Angel Burks posted a screenshot calling out Carmelo for being nasty via DM’s, calling her daughter names, and clearly crossing the line.  

Calling me out of my name and disrespecting me is one thing, i can handle that– that’s water under the bridge, but calling my daughter disrespectful names like a “bastard child” and telling me “F*ck that baby” all in my DM’s is crossing the line. her father may not defend her, but I will til’ the end. She didn’t ask to be here and it doesn’t matter how she got here, she’s here. if you don’t want to see her, stay off my page. she-ain’t-go-in-no-where-she-ain’t-going-nowhere. 

 Check out the screenshots below:  

We’re hearing that Melo hasn’t seen his child in months. Melo stopped making the baby a priority ever since he and Lala decided to work on their marriage.  

It was the secret baby that almost ended Lala and Melo’s marriage. 

Here’s a side by side of Melo when he was a kid, and his alleged baby with Mia Angel Burks. 

That’s a match if you ask me. 

Hopefully Melo will take responsibility for his baby, even if it damages his current relationship with Lala. You can’t undo what you’ve already done. 

Check out more pics of Melo’s secret baby mama below: