Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant had a monster Game 3 in the NBA finals, propelling his Warriors squad to a 3-0 Finals lead. The Cavs are on the brink of elimination, and even though they’re all about done, one Cavs fan felt cocky enough to tell KD he sucks. 

The fan, feeling pretty tough, did a 180 when Durant actually stopped, came over, and asked what he had said. 

This Cavs fan wanted to tell KD he sucks — and Durant even came back to give him a chance to — but… “I saw how big he was” ‬  

This pretty much sums up the series, the Cavs came out swinging, and when it came time to win, they fell just a bit short. Who knows how different the series would have been if George Hill just made that free throw. This is why they play the game.