Dude is a big boy
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Ty'Rion Denson might look like a football player, but basketball has always been his passion. "Right when I came home from football practice, I would just shoot and shoot and shoot," he says over FaceTime. 

Fast forward a couple years, and Ty'Rion's mixtape, which shows all six feet and six inches of him breaking ankles.   

"I was on my Instagram [a couple months ago] and all of a sudden my phone started blowing up...So I started scrolling down, scrolling down, and I was like, 'Oh snap, breaking ankles daily just posted me!'"  

"[I] focus in the classroom, get good grades...My mom always told me, if you get good grades, that will make you go far ahead." Good grades will be a key for him, since he wants to go to Duke University, one of the most selective schools in the country.  

Check out more from this HOSS on his IG Page, he's going to be a special player. Dude is incredibly large and in charge. 

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