Brett Favre Visited Clemson and Played Catch with Former Receiver turned Head Coach Dabo Swinney - Sports Gossip
Dream come true

NFL legend Brett Favre visited Clemson on Wednesday and spoke to the team.  He also made a dream of head coach Dabo Swinney's come true.

Swinney, who played receiver in college at Alabama, said it was a goal of his to catch a pass from Favre.  He, of course, was hoping he would get the chance to do so in the NFL following his days at Bama.  That didn't happen, but this is a pretty good consolation prize.

Swinney confirmed that the 48 year old, Hall of Fame gunslinger, still has a very strong arm, via The State:

“That was a little different velocity coming at me, but I was 100 percent (catching) so that was a good deal for me,” Swinney said laughing. “But it was really cool. And he’s exactly as you think he is. He was great with the guys, was very interactive, he kind of had some things he talked about and then we just opened up and went wherever the players wanted to go and it was a lot of fun. A lot of great stories, so it was great for them to meet him.”

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