Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa announced that he will be leaving the school to focus on the 2019 NFL Draft.  He hasn't played since September 15th when he suffered an injury to a core muscle that required surgery.

Via Buckeye Extra:

“For Nick it was very difficult to come to the realization that it was over” at Ohio State, John Bosa said. “Once we all huddled up as a family, and got input from older brother Joey and input from mom (Cheryl), and then the doctors, we decided it was in his best interest ... to shut it down.”

A preseason All-American, Nick Bosa was injured on Sept. 15 in the Buckeyes’ game against Texas Christian in Arlington, Texas. He underwent surgery on Sept. 20 in Philadelphia and Ohio State coach Urban Meyer said at the time that the Buckeyes hoped Bosa could return yet this season.

NFL teams have to be a little bit worried about Bosa's ability to stay healthy.  Both he and his brother, Joey Bosa, have problems staying on the field.  Bad genetics?

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