Keith Olbermann and Harrison Bader Trade Shots on Twitter - Sports Gossip
The feud we didn't know we needed

During Friday's 8-4 loss to the Cubs, Cardinals outfielder Harrison Bader got picked off of first base.  Following the baserunning mistake, ESPN's Keith Olbermann sent out a tweet trashing the 24-year-old.

"So far nothing in this Cubs-Cards game suggests Harrison Bader is a major leaguer, never mind a superior outfielder or heady player"

Bader saw the tweet and despite the response, says as a wolf he isn't going to lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.

Maybe Bader is losing a little sleep.  He did respond to the tweet.  That would suggest that he couldn't just let it go and felt the need to respond.

Bader is likely going to have a long off-season to think about all of the opinions of the sheep.

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