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Spruce Up Your Living Space With These Indoor Plants Starting At $15
Spruce Up Your Living Space With These Indoor Plants Starting At $15
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Majesty palm tree   
This three-foot tall majesty palm tree is great for home decor or as a gift. It thrives in low-light areas so you can put this in hallways or in the corner of a room. Just make sure stays hydrated or else the leaves will start to turn brown. These palms are slow growing, so they won't tower over you anytime soon.  
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Feel like enhancing your space? Indoor house plants are a great way to add a splash of color and liveliness to any room. Whether it's a small succulent on your desk or a tall palm in the living room, indoor plants can add a unique and fresh touch to your spaces. Many have health benefits as well, like the snake plant which acts an air purifier or articles the aloe vera plant which is great for skin treatments.  
Mini succulents   
Eleven plants in two-inch-tall pots   
One of the prettiest plant arrangements you can make without using too much space is pairing different succulents together. With this assortment of mini succulents, you can beautify your space with very little effort. These air-purifying succulents only need water every two weeks and enjoy direct sunlight. The 11-pack comes with duplicates of six different varieties that are unique in size, color and texture.   
Set hundreds of years in the future when humans are spread out across the solar system, The Expanse is based on a series of hard sci-fi novels written by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck under the pen name James S.A. Corey. It is dense with peerless universe building. It's a show about the very real perils of space travel and colonization, but also a surprisingly nuanced show that deals in interplanetary politics and class warfare.   
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O2 For You collection   
Three clean-air plants for the price of one   
This collection includes three plants that also act as efficient air filters that keep your area free of pollutants. Each plant is about eight to ten inches tall and comes in a 4-inch decor planter made from 100% recyclable materials. Great for small spaces or desks.



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