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IT and Assignment Help
IT Assignment Help
Does the word IT trouble you? Are you in search of an expert who can help with assignments? Do you have the time constraint for doing your IT assignment? Do you need help in assignments to secure good grades? If the answer is YES the IT experts have domain knowledge to help you.
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Information Technology (IT) refers to the storage, acquisition, dissemination and processing of any subjective information by a micro-electronics based combination of computing and telecommunications. The concept of IT was first introduced in 1958, and at present, all kinds of web technologies, bioinformatics, cloud computing, and large scale databases,. come under information technology. IT is mainly the management of technology through processes involving computer software and hardware, information systems, programming languages, and data structures.
The main role of IT in businesses is to automate their processes, provide them with information, and help them in connecting to customers. IT experts are generally responsible for data management, networking, software design, hardware engineering, database management and administration of entire systems.
Based on the Moore’s law, which describes a long term trend in the history of computer hardware, Hilbert and Lopez have tried to study the global inventory of the world’s IT capacity, and have tried to identify the pace of technological change. It has been estimated that machines’ application-specific computational capabilities have roughly double every 14 months between the last decade. On the other hand, the global telecommunication capacity doubles every 34 months, while the storage capacity has roughly doubled over every 40 months.
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Electrical Assignment Help
Are you in search of an expert who can help with assignments of electrical engineering? Do you have the time constraint for doing your electrical engineering assignment or electrical engineering homework? Do you need help in assignments of electrical engineering to secure good grades?  The electrical engineering experts have deep academic experience to help you.
First it comes into picture in the early 17th century with the name of field of electricity. The first electrical engineer is William Gilbert who designed the versorium. After that in 1775 another scientist Alessandro Volta’s who comes into picture for devised names electrophorus.
After that in 1827 George Ohm gave Ohm’s law, which is a relation between electricity and potential difference says electricity is directly proportional to potential difference then Michale Faradya who invented electromagnetic induction later in 1873 James Clerk Maxwell who published a theory of electricity and magnetism.
After that electricity was hugely considered a part of physics and so many researches started in this field. So many inventions came into picture which made it a separate field name as electrical engineering. The sub-disciplines of electric engineering are
PowerControlElectronicsMicroelectronicsSignal processingTelecommunicationsInstrumentationComputers
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