America’s Quarterback was all about Mexico last night, as he as his girlfriend were spotted at a soccer game last night. We were the FIRST to report on Dak’s new flame, Rosette Abud

Now as you can see below, Dak is all about his new girl, and brought her along to cheer on the Mexican versus Croation soccer match at AT&T stadium. Dak is having a super fun offseason, and as you can see, he’s loving life as America’s QB. Check out more below

Here are some more pics of Dak’s girl below. Dak looks like he found a really nice girl. Rosette Abud is a name to remember….at least for now. 

The Cowboys Quarterback was seen after the match signing jerseys for fans, as it looks like he’s a fan favorite at his home stadium. This guy has the most coveted job in all of sports, and it seems he likes the fame that comes with it. Watch below.