Daniel Mazzone is no ordinary artist. Not only does Daniel have an inspirational story about how he went from being homeless on the streets of Toronto, Canada to making over 20K per artwork piece, but he has now gained global attention due to the high profile names of some of his clients.

From Toronto Blue Jays ace Marcus Stroman to newly signed Atlanta Braves slugger / bat-flipper Jose Bautista, to Tampa Bay Rays owner Randy Frankel, Daniel has been commissioned by dozens of athletes and high profile professionals to design artwork for their homes and offices.

In a recent interview Stroman gave credit to Daniel stating, “The amount of detail he puts into it is crazy – it’s so intricate. I respect how meticulous it is. I get lost looking at different sections and the way he melds art and history.”

Daniel’s artwork also pays tribute to some of the world’s greatest athletes, including pieces of Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth and Michael Jordan.

You can see more of his work at: danielmazzoneart.com