Miami Dolphins reciever Danny Amendola was a guest on the Barstool Sports’ podcast Comeback SZN and discussed the differences between his new head coach, Adam Gase, and the G.O.A.T., Bill Belichick.

Amendola says Gase is one of the guys while Belichick is more like a principal.  A little shade for the ol’ ball coach as he soaks up the sun in South Beach.

Via Pro Football Talk:

“Coach Gase is one of the guys, one of the boys, and you want to fight hard for your boys. Back in New England, it’s almost like you’ve got a principal, the principal’s office and s–t like that,” Amendola said.

Amendola wasn’t ripping Belichick, whom he also called “the greatest coach of all time.” But he was saying that as a veteran player, he now appreciates having a coach who treats him more like an equal.

“It’s been great,” Amendola said of spending the offseason in Miami. “It’s worked out amazing. All the guys are cool. The team is cool, my group is cool. The coaches are awesome. Coach Gase is one of the guys. He’s our leader, he’s our head coach, but he’s also our boy. So it’s cool. It’s refreshing to have that kind of relationship with a coach, something I haven’t had in a long time. I facetimed coach Gase yesterday just to bulls–t with him, just to talk to him. I was talking to his kids. I have a relationship with him that’s real unique, something I haven’t had in a while.”

Shots fired.  I’m sure he’ll be back in the Super Bowl this year with the top tier combo of Ryan Tannehill and Adam Gase.