David Beckham’s hairline was the big topic of discussion after the former Soccer superstar attended a promotional event in Hong Kong three days ago, displaying a much thicker head of hair.

Here is a picture of David Beckham hanging out by a pool in Miami a few weeks back

Hair transplant surgeon Dr Bessam Farjo says there is no way the star could have had a transplant that resulted in a head of new hair in the space of a few weeks.

‘Transplanted hair takes about three months just to break through the skin,’ says Dr Farjo. He adds, however, that this doesn’t mean Beckham hasn’t had a transplant at some earlier stage.

Whatever it is, spray paint, or something more permanent, it definitely looks a lot fuller than it did in Miami. A guy like Becks is going to do everything he can to beat Father Time. 

Problem is, Father time remains undefeated.