New pictures of LeSean McCoy’s ex-girlfriend Delicia Cordon have hit the internet.  The picture show her bruised and cut face after she included them in documents filed in her lawsuit against the Bills running back.

Cordon is suing McCoy, claiming he was the one behind the beating at his home back in July, TMZ Sports:

Delicia Cordon included the photos in legal docs filed in a Georgia court … where Cordon is suing McCoy — accusing him of orchestrating the break-in and beatdown.

Cordon — who started dating McCoy in 2016 — believes the Buffalo Bills star ordered people to break into the house she was living in — which McCoy owns — to reclaim jewelry he previously gifted her … and scare her into moving out.

The photos appear to show Cordon with black eyes, a busted lip, and cuts and bruises on her face.

These new pictures come just a day after a picture of LeSean McCoy Jr.’s bruised face was revealed.  Everyone will be keeping an eye on this lawsuit to see how it turns out.