Dez Bryant confirmed on Thursday night that he had received a contract offer from the Cleveland Browns.  Pro Football Talk reported on Friday night that received an offer of less than $5 million and has no interest in signing it. 

The Browns remain interested signing receiver Dez Bryant to a contract, and receiver Dez Bryant remains not interested in signing a contract with the Browns.

Bryant is believed by some to be waiting for a better team. He also could be waiting for a better offer from the Browns. Per a league source, the Browns offered Bryant a deal with a base value of less than $5 million.

It’s not known what Bryant wants; it’s not known whether Bryant himself knows what he wants. For now, thought, he remains content to bide his time, waiting for something. Contending team, better opportunity, more familiar offense, larger salary, or some combination of those or other factors.

Bryant has to be holding out hope that a better team wants him.  After years of inconsistency in Dallas he must want a guaranteed trip to the postseason.