Former Ravens safety Ed Reed weighed in on the quarterback situation on his former team.  The Hall of Fame inductee says the team is already Lamar Jackson’s.  

Reed went on to say that Joe Flacco is still a starting quarterback in the NFL and if he wants to win another Super Bowl he should go to Jacksonville.

Via TMZ Sports:

Ed Reed sees no QB controversy in Baltimore — he says the Ravens are Lamar Jackson‘s team now — but he does think Joe Flacco needs a new home.

“Flacco might be in Jacksonville, man, if he want to win another Super Bowl.”

That’s an idea.  It might be a little harder to pull off, but if the Ravens want to hand the team over Jackson full-time they will need to get rid of Flacco.

Flacco knows what it takes to ride a defense to the Super Bowl.  The Jaguars do need a quarterback and have a decent enough defense.

It would certainly be an interesting fit.

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