Back in October 2017, wife of Denver Broncos wide receiver Emanuel Sanders, Gabriella Sanders, filed for divorce, and in court documents obtained by TMZ, she accused Emmanuel of cheating among some other things.

Fast forward to the present time, and the two have appeared to work things out. Looks like Sanders wife is still breathing fire. 

We caught Emmanuel’s wife doing the most on IG, and clapping back at someone who decided to throw an insult her way. She posted a picture of herself when she was much younger, paying her respects to a loved one who recently passed

Check out the screenshot below: 

Here is the picture the commenter was referring to. 

You have to respect anyone who still tosses around the phrase ‘dumb f*ck.’ This is the kind of woman you don’t want to tangle with. 

Online, or offline. 

Check out more pics of Emmanuel’s wife Gabriella below: 

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