The fans of Philadelphia sports teams have a long history of being some of the biggest jerks on the planet.  During Wednesday night’s Giants-Phillies game we learned that being a jerk isn’t just limited to the adults. 

They’re teaching them young in Philly.  A foul ball ended up in the hands of a Giants fan, who decided to give it to the kid sitting next to him.  The kid, who is a Phillies fan, immediately tossed it back on the field.  I don’t entirely hate the move, Philly has clearly embraced their reputation. 

This serves as yet another reminder that you don’t give a kids foul balls, unless the kid is your own.  I’m not advocating stealing balls from kids or being one of those overly aggressive douches who runs after foul balls, but if one comes your way and you happen to snag it, keep it.  

The kid throwing the foul ball back on to the field happens way to often to trust them.  Add in the fact that you’re in Philly and you would be better off staring the kid in the eyes as you put the ball in your pocket.