Houston Texans star J.J. Watt has been quietly dating professional soccer player Kealia Ohai for about two years already. The pair, met through Watt’s former Houston Texans teammate Brian Cushing. We received these pics from our tipline of JJ hanging out with another woman. Not sure what to make of them.   

Rumor has it JJ hung out with this girl, Laci, on March 15th. The week his girlfriend was out of town in Oregon for the Dash pre-season. Hmm… Interesting says our source  

 J.J. Watt, soccer star girlfriend once said that she and JJ like to compete. As JJ put it, they like to keep it ‘competitive’ “We’re very competitive,” J.J. Watt said of girlfriend Kealia Ohai at the Sports Illustrated Awards in Brooklyn. Not sure this is the kind of competition she was hoping for, or JJ was talking about.  

Check out another pic of JJ Watt with the girl in question below. She looks a hell of a lot like JJ’s current main squeeze Kealia. Like so much alike, it’s really hard to tell them apart from one another.  

Obviously the Houston Texans superstar defensive player has a type, even if he’s just being friendly, not a good look when you’re girlfriend is out of town. JJ better be careful before his soccer player girlfriend kicks him to the curb.