Am I the only one who thought Lamar Odom was supposed to be sober? It looks like former NBA star Lamar Odom is back to some of his old bad habits, as we were tipped off he was doing shots of tequila on the Las Vegas Strip. 

The former Los Angeles Lakers star ran into some dudes at the Umami Burger on the Las Vegas strip, and they proceeded to take several shots of tequila. Check out the pic below, that doesn’t look like Iced tea to me.  

Lamar was so game for shots, he was the one who actually bought us them. He was like, let’s do tequila now said our source. They did two rounds of shots then he went on his way. Looked like he was on a good one according to our tipster   

Unfortunately we’re not happy to report that it looks like Lamar has relapsed. This is a common occurrence with alcoholics. Vegas is the last place Lamar should be when under the influence of substances. 

Who could forget about the time he almost died at the bunny ranch. I like many others am praying for Lamar to beat his demons. If the Kardashians and overdosing didn’t kill him, nothing should be able to. Best of luck Lam Lam 

This was only four days ago below, the shots were from the weekend in Las Vegas. What happened to Lamar that he went off the rails? I’m praying for him