Last week footage of Odell Beckham Jr. surfaced showing him in a very precarious situation. Since that video hit the net, crickets from OBJ. No posts on Social Media. 

In the super brief video, the NFL all-star is seen in bed addressing a woman as he holds what is assumed to be a marijuana blunt. The woman in question is cutting up a white powder with a card as he is heard saying “trying to get you to sleep with him”. The woman later spoke about the night she and OBJ shared.

OBJ’s last post on Instagram. 3-10-18. 

OBJ’s last post on Twitter 3-9-18

Now we’re finding out from our tipster OBJ is stealthily posting on IG, just thru his Instagram story, and he’s deleting the posts rather quickly. So he hasn’t completely fallen off the grid from a social media perspective. But at the same time he’s being very sneaky with when and what he’s posting.

Check out what we were sent below, showing OBJ posting on his IG story. 

Here’s what he does, He posts then deletes it… this is the second time now. He’s trying to stay out there, but deletes rather quickly says our source

Not sure what the New York Giants receiver is really up to, he’s gone Zero Dark Thirty. At some point Odell will have to address the video, and the New York Giants will have to address what to do with Odell Beckham moving forward. He’s one of the best in the game, if could just stay out of his own way, he’d for sure be a Hall of Famer.