Mike Jones says he’s thankful to be alive after a crash caused his race car to catch fire at the South Boston Speedway June 16th. 

The amazing thing? Mike’s father Dean Jones was able to save him from the friary crash just in time! Mike says he got caught on something in his race car and his father was able to help him safely get out of the car!  

Dean Jones, wearing a T-shirt and shorts, helped his son get out of the car safely. He then reached into the car to pull the trigger to activate the in-car fire suppressant system before safety crews, who had arrived on the scene about seven seconds after the father, took control.

The video of the rescue has gone viral and attracted national attention, but Jones had violated track rules, most tracks have policies against anyone being on the racing surface during an event.

“We have sat down with Mr. Jones and discussed what transpired on Saturday, and he fully understands our position on non-safety personnel entering the track surface during an event. We are all grateful that there weren’t any injuries, and we look forward to getting back to racing.”

South Boston (Va.) Speedway put Dean Jones on probation for the rest of the year for violating track policy. Jones, who serves as crew chief for his son Mike, ran to Mike’s aid Saturday after a crash in a NASCAR-sanctioned late-model race where the front of the car caught fire and came to rest near the inside wall in Turn 1.  

This is ridiculous, it’s the guy’s son. What do you expect him to do? Watch his son potentially burn to death. Crazy, rules are rules, but please, probation?