Hackers Accessed PGA Files Before the PGA Championship - Sports Gossip
The hackers have gone after golf

The PGA of America is trying to regain control of computer servers that have kept officials from accessing files for the PGA Championship, according to Golfweek.

The magazine reports that PGA staff members discovered Tuesday that their systems had been compromised when attempts to access files generated a message that the network had been penetrated and that any attempt to break the encryption could cause files to be lost.

Officials did not have complete control of the servers as of Wednesday afternoon, Golfweek reports.

The PGA of America declined comment, saying it was an ongoing investigation.

Golfweek reports the files included promotional banners and logos that are used in digital and print communications and on digital signage around Bellerive Country Club.

The magazine said the message included a Bitcoin wallet number, without stating what was required to regain control of the files. Maybe Trump recruited the Russians? 

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