New England Patriots superstar Rob Gronkowski knows people, and you know Mark Wahlberg is a Patriots homer. Of course these two would be best buddies. Check out Mark and Rob just doing famous people things. 

From TMZ:

Rob Gronkowski and Mark Wahlberg officially went GANG GREEN on Tuesday … but don’t freak, Pats fans — we ain’t taking about the Jets.

Marky Mark and the NFL superstar hit up David Grutman‘s new plant-based restaurant Planta in Miami for a completely green meal … and even hand-picked their own herbs from the rooftop garden.

FYI — the camera crew is filming for Mark’s reality show, Wahlburgers.

Of course, the 2 health freaks used it as an opportunity to show off their guns. (Who says ya need meat to be ripped?)

Check out the video below, these guys are besties.