The famous Russian top model, Irina Shayk (Irina Valerievna Shaikhlislamova), despite her age (and she is
only 32 years old), is already quite popular throughout Europe and the United States. In addition, she
represents many world brands, makes campaigns and photo shoots for prestigious glossy magazines. And
most importantly, she even managed to receive the title of the sexiest model.

We can truly call Irina Shayk a real beauty with ideal parameters. Her fit and sexy body, pouting lips and
piercing eyes are passionate and charming at the same time. Hot brunette with green eyes is a very
dangerous combination for all men. Her exotic appearance is not a mystery, although it is quite difficult to
determine Irina’s ancestry. She owes Tatar roots along the bloodline of her father.

Irina Shayk shoot thousands of different beach campaigns, being one of the most successful beach models
of all time. She received a record number of publications in the glossy magazines, sport magazines and
erotic photo shoots.

What was Irina’s most successful beach photoset?

According to model industry critics, the most stunning photo session of Irina Shayk took place when she
was campaigning for the brand called Beach Bunny. She has been collaborating with this brand for several
years. Irina Shayk represented a new collection of swimsuits, which harmoniously soaked into her luxurious
style, emphasizing all her dignity and sexiness. Irina Shake’s ;s photo session took place on the beach of the  tropical island, where the former bride of the famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo performed her role
at the highest level. Graceful poses of the model attracted the same amount of attention as the charming
bathing suits (although it is quite difficult to take eyes off her smoking hot body, which will distract
everyone from the suites themselves). Irina also shoot various campaigns with oversea models,
collaborating with Ukrainian girls, Russian models and some European stunners.

Irina Shayk is not afraid to show off her body

Due to the ideal parameters, the top model does not hesitate to shoot in the semi-nude photo shoots and
even for the topless campaigns. So, for the June issue of the Spanish magazine Vogue, Irina participated in a
semi-nude photo shoot with her former fiancé, a famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo. A photograph of
the model in a white short busty dress with a slit, standing next to the naked football player was the cover
of the magazine.
This young and talented woman is very fond of photographers and designers. She is photogenic and a true
professional of her craft. It was thanks to her steadiness, diligence and wisdom that she was able to achieve
successes in her career and personal life. In addition, the young celebrity does not forget about human
qualities. She actively helps maternity hospitals, sick and abandoned children throughout the world.

What is the secret of Irina Shayk’s beach photo shoots?

Irina confesses that not every shot comes off as perfect as she would want it to. However, Irina always
controls the process of a photo shoot, adjusts the lighting and even gives some wise advice to make-up
artists. Irina Shayk says that the key to her truly hot and stunning shoots is confidence and a piercing look in
her eyes. It is crucial to concentrate on the camera lens as if it were eyes of her beloved husband Bradley
Cooper. The second key element of the photo shoot is the positioning of the body, which always comes off
great in the final photos. She possesses knowledge of hundreds of poses and strikes them with cosmic