The third-year cornerback was very opinionated this summer while talking about  25 of the NFL’s starting quarterbacks in a GQ magazine interview in August. 

Now as the Jaguars struggle, he doesn’t find himself with as much to say. Ramsey talked to reporters Thursday in a session that lasted just 1 minute, 10 seconds.

Via the AP

Q: Where is the confidence level this week on defense? Still have confidence you guys can bounce back?

A: We’ll see.

Q: What are your thoughts about going up against Texans receiver

DeAndre Hopkins?

A: Same as usual.

Q: What’s that?

A: Same as it’s always been. My past two years, y’all have asked methe same question. Well, last year y’all asked me. Next question.

Q: Is Hopkins one of the guys you like going up against?

A: Yeah.

Q: Why?

A: Uh, just a good matchup.

Q: You guys have always had confidence and now it’s, ‘We’ll see’.

Why such a change?

A: We’ve still got confidence, but we’re going to see how the game goes.

Q: What did you see from quarterback Deshaun Watson in the opener last year and on tape this year?

A: Really good.

Ramsey spoke for a little more than a minute Thursday. 

I think he realized talking more just puts more of a target on him. His offseason trash talk was a lot easier when he didn’t have to face all these guys he was bad mouthing. 

Much like Josh Norman, Ramsey is doing this to get paid, plain and simple. 

Jalen Ramsey signed a 4 year, $23,351,000 contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars, including a $15,182,546 signing bonus, $22,901,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $5,837,750. 

In 2018, Ramsey will earn a base salary of $2,572,818, while carrying a cap hit of $6,368,454 and a dead cap value of $13,798,319. 

He’ll probably crank back up that big mouth when it’s time to renegotiate his deal.