Houston Rockets superstar James Harden, and current NBA MVP, was in Los Angeles to play in the Drew League, but he also found some time to get in a party. 

Here are the party details Via TMZ

Wanna see James Harden turn up and dance his face off at a dayclub party in West Hollywood? Well, here ya go!

The Houston Rockets superstar hit up Penthouse Dayclub on Sunday — where stars like Diddy and Ja Rule were partying … but all eyes were on Harden!

Harden was definitely the life of the party — despite the fact someone busted out a coffin in the center of the club at one point.

Didn’t kill the vibe though — at the end of the party, our photog says Harden left the club with a whole lotta chicks … so, maybe he needed two cars to get ’em all to the next location!!