Reds pitcher Amir Garrett struckout Cubs second baseman Javy Baez and let out a celebratory yell.  Baez wasn’t a fan of the left hander’s celebration and like a crybaby stared out at the mound.  

Garrett didn’t back down and the benches cleared as the two exchanged words.   

What a soft move on Baez’s part.  He’s all for bat flipping and admiring your homeruns.

If you don’t want the pitcher to admire his strikeout then shorten up with two strikes and put the ball in play, or swing for the fences and go take your seat when you miss.

Following the game Baez had more crying to do, via ESPN:

“If you’re going to show somebody up, at least face up, or man up and stay there or walk this way, because if you want to fight you’re in the wrong sport, first of all.  And, like I say, when someone got in front of him he started walking to us, so whatever.”

Or just shut your mouth and go sit down after you strikeout.  You bat flip, pitcher yell, everyone acts like a dick.  Quit crying and learn how to deal with it.