We received a tip about a possible new connection in Yankees star Aaron Judge’s life.  The recently single Bronx Bomber has apparently caught the eye of fitness model Jen Selter, who was spotted at Yankee Stadium sitting behind home.

According to the tipster, Jen has been following Aaron on Instagram since late last year trying to get his attention.  This is also a rare visit to Yankee Stadium for Jen, who has been spotted at several Knicks games.

“Jen has been following him since November trying to get his attention. She doesn’t follow many people on Instagram and the one’s she does are usually in fitness as she is. She also never attends Yankees games but all of the sudden has an interest after news of Aaron’s breakup from his girlfriend hit.”

This is one we’ll have to keep our eye on. Jen’s Instagram Story confirms she was at the game and had great seats next to C.C. Sabathia’s wife, Amber. So this could be a little more than an attempt to get Judge’s attention, this could be the early stages of a relationship.


Here is some of Jen’s work on Instagram, just in case you weren’t familiar with it.