Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is all for shifting the 16-and-four season structure to 18-and-two, with a preseason cut in half and the regular season expanded by two games. 

I was a big advocate in the last negotiation,” Jones said after Sunday’s preseason snooze fest against the Cardinals, via Tim Cowlishaw of the Dallas Morning News.

 “I made the presentation. You can see how I did.’’

Jones actually believes that a longer regular season and a shorter training camp/preseason would result in fewer, not more, concussions.

There also would be more money. A lot more money.

“It would provide more than $1 billion to the players,” Jones said. “It’s certainly worth considering. It would direct more value for what the players expend to the players.”

If the players are risking their health each and every week, they might as well make more money doing so. Plus you have to figure gambling is going to play a major factor in how the NFL wants to restructure the preseason. 

Jerry might actually be onto something.