When you’re the owner of the biggest sports team in the world, you’re going to get your fair share of criticism. 

And even though Jerry Jones is a billionaire, he still is bothered by the haters. Bet you didn’t know criticism bothers Jerry Jones. 

Dallas Cowboys vice president Charlotte Jones Anderson was a guest speaker at Texas Wesleyan on Tuesday, and she talked about her dear old dad being Mr. Sensitive guy. 

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Here are some Q&A’s from the interview below: 

Q: What’s the biggest misconception about your father?

A: I think one of the things that is most criticized but also one of his best qualities is how much he cares about each player. Sometimes to the extent that he can’t part with the player. He is so invested in each one of them and truly cares about them and their family. The more challenges they have the more he wants to help them and the more chances he wants to give them. I think it’s such a great inspiration for people that are trying to get it together and trying to make things work and trying to get a healthy start, but he often gets criticized for that because he’s ‘giving them too many chances,’ and that ‘he’s too loyal and can’t make difficult decisions’ like that. But if that’s your biggest foible then so be it.

Q: How does he handle the criticism?

A: The misnomer would be that he doesn’t care about the criticism. He cares a lot. Nobody likes to be criticized. He takes a ton of criticism. The criticism hurts. He doesn’t like to not be liked. That hurts anybody. It hurts him.

Q: He seems to handle criticism so well, at least publicly. What’s he like behind closed doors?

A: Even when things are really rough and I think I’m calling him to say, ‘Hey, cheer up, the sun is going to come up today!’ He says, ‘Charlotte, you hear this? That’s the world’s smallest violin. Nobody feels sorry for me today. I’m the luckiest man alive. I get to do this. This too shall pass.’ So he just has this optimistic, everything is half-full, but not half-empty view. He just has the knack for putting it in perspective. If we all had a quarter of his optimism to say ‘Today will be a fabulous day regardless of the train that hits me.’

Q: Was he like that before buying the Cowboys in 1989?

A: He certainly presented to us as a family that every day was fairy dust, but he had a lot of financial difficulty. He didn’t share that with us. He wanted us to think it was Disney World … he’s not going to show you the hurt, he’s going to move right on through everything because it’s all going to be better. That really has inherently been apart of him since growing up.

Jerry Jones is 76 years old. Might it be time for him to retire, take it easy, and live out the rest of his years criticism free? 

His team, his choice. I just think a changing of the guard might do the Cowboys some good. 

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