Canadian Football League superstar Johnny Manziel made his Hamilton Tiger-Cats debut during a CFL pre-season game this past weekend. We showed you all the highlights. What you probably didn’t catch was Manziel’s wife sending him a message of support. She posted this on her IG. 

Yesterday was such a huge day for my husband and for our family. I am so PROUD of you. To finally see you on a team and on the field BALLIN OUT I can’t even explain the feeling. All the days of uncertainty watching you struggle broke my heart but I never stopped believing in you. I applaud you for how you have confronted the diagnosis, and so openly apologized for your mistakes. I read an article in Forbes titled “Apocalyptic Crash to Resurrection: Johnny Manziel”. What a title for what you have done, people can talk shite but you are a gifted athlete who fought and WON for your career and your LIFE. Yesterday was “thee” pivotal moment that will continue to write your story. I wanted to say a huge thank you to the @hamiltontigercats and the tiger cats fan base you have welcomed him with open arms! I saw so many Manziel Jersey and heard a lot by sitting in the stands (without my Jersey for the first half). To hear they sold out his jersey before the game even started?! Wow. The smile on his face yesterday was so long overdue.. your back baby and NOONE can take that from you except you. (Sorry for the terrible pic had no time to take one yesterday!) #johnnyfootball #moneymanziel  

Bre also posted some great IG stories over the weekend as well, clearly showing off her flexibility in the gym. The Marvelous Mrs. Manziel strikes again!