We received a tip that Julian Edelman spent some time with a beautiful pro snowboarder for much of last week.  According to the tipster, her name is Verydiana Souza and she attended the Justin Timberlake concert in Boston with him and was even spotted at Gillette Stadium.

“Julian spent time last week with a woman who he took to the Justin Timberlake concert and Gillete Stadium. Her name is Verydiana Souza and her instagram page says she’s a pro snowboarder. She shared instagram stories of their week together without ever showing a picture of them together. She shared videos from the same angles at the Timberlake concert then posted from Gillette Stadium. At one point she posted and quickly deleted a text exchange between the two. This weekend she tagged him in a picture in her story. Another one of his hookups.”

From the information and that was sent over it sure does look like Edelman spent some time getting to know Verydiana.

With the rumors about him bouncing from hook up to hook up, this might just be one of many.  But we’ll keep an eye on this one to see if something more develops.  For now take a look at Verydiana’s Instagram page.