PGA player Justin Thomas said the proposer Sean Powell sent him a direct message on Instagram laying out plans to ask Andrea Cota to marry him. Thomas was intrigued, and went along. It started on the first hole at Quail Hollow after Thomas had played the back nine of his pro-am.

He walked over to Powell and engaged in friendly conservation as if they were longtime friends. Powell introduced him to Cota. Before leaving, Thomas handed Cota a golf ball with the words, “Will You?” written on it. About that time, Powell was on his knees with the ring.

Fans have incredible access to PGA players. You don’t see this kind of interaction anywhere else. Just think about being able to have an NFL guy come that close to you. I’d run the other way. Check out Justin talking about helping out below. 

It looks like it all started with a DM. Maybe that’s what the saying it all goes down in the DM means.