Kanye West is back on Twitter,, dishing on a variety of topics. Following a “good morning” tweet, ‘Ye addressed the fact that he and manager Scooter Braun have parted ways, stating, “I can’t be managed.”  

 Chicago native Kanye West then went on to insist that he is “currently the single highest paid person in footwear,” making “more money on shoes than Michael Jordan.” He also added that YEEZY will become the biggest apparel company ever, hitting a billion dollars this year, as he has in turn hired the head of supply chain from Gap. 

The Kanye took a shot at Nike: 

Unfortunately for Kanye, his statement that he makes more than MJ has been disputed. Kanye is clearly trying to troll the entire world, but when Michael Jordans name comes out of your mouth, people will be up in arms. 

I’ll give Kanye props for being super entertaining and unpredictable. He seems like a great option to be our next President.