Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons were hot and heavy over the summer, until they broke things off in September.  Now it appears as if the young couple is back together.

Jenner was spotted by fans at Thursday’s 76ers game in a suite.  She was later seen getting into a van with Philadelphia’s young star.

Via TMZ Sports:

It appeared the two had moved on — until Thursday night, when Kendall showed up at Ben’s game at Wells Fargo Center. Witnesses say Kendall had a private suite and tons of security.

After the game, security cleared an exit route for her, so she could slyly meet up with Simmons in the player parking lot after the game without anyone seeing.

But, there were fans who could catch the action from up above in the arena — and you can see in the video Ben was waiting for Kendall with a super clean sprinter van — and only he and Kendall get inside. 

The Kardashian curse has returned to the 76ers.  Sure the Cavs won a ring under the curse, but look at what’s happened to the franchise now.

The Kardashian curse is 100% to blame for the Cavs downfall, nothing else.