Kendall Jenner allegedly caught cheating on her NBA boyfriend Ben Simmons, again.  Pictures surfaced over the weekend that show her snuggled up to a guy, who is not Simmons, even putting her head in his lap.

Via MTO:

The images surfaced yesterday, and Kendall and her people are trying their best to do damage control. The Kardashian sister and Ben Simmons were getting serious, and some people were even talking possible marriage.

But that’s going to be tough to do, now that Kendall got caught with her HEAD in the cookie jar.

In the pics, Kendall is spotted snuggling, and possibly kissing her alleged side dude. Then her head is seen in his lap.

This isn’t the first time Kendall has allegedly gone outside of her relationship with Simmons and probably won’t be the last.  Sixers fans are probably ready for him to get as far away from the Kardashians and their curse as he can.