Back in June when the Warriors swept the Cleveland Cavaliers, Warriors superstar Kevin Durant was spotted kissing his then girlfriend Cassandra Anderson. The cameras caught the kiss. 

Since then it’s been a very quiet Summer for the couple. Very few sightings if any at all. We’ve been receiving word that KD and Cass are done, which may or may not be the case, depending on how they define their relationship. 

One thing’s for sure, Kevin Durant is doing a lot on Instagram. and recently started liking model Amy Shehab’s pics. 

Not saying that means more than it is, but if KD is in a committed relationship with Cass, is he liking other girls pics? 

Probably not. 

Check out Easymoneysniper following model Amy Shehab below: 

This is what we’re being told below: 

Definitely looks like Kevin Durant is playing the field. And tonight he’ll play the Thunder in NBA opening night. 

We’ll keep an eye on KD to see if he and Cass rekindle their romance this season, or if he lands another girlfriend. 

In the meantime check out some pics of KD’s new follow, Amy Shehab. 

She’s definitely worth a follow and several likes.