The new woman in Kevin Durant’s life is a real living breathing person, not just some plastic Instagram model. Or some stripper he met in Vegas. KD is dating Cass Anderson according to our source. 

Reportedly she works as a realtor for Berkshire Hathaway in Pleasanton, California, just outside of San Francisco bay area where Durant has seasonal work.  

On her Instagram page, Anderson says, “Love the life you live. Live the life you love.” She’s a native of Bakersfield, California, and lived for a while in the affluent Brentwood neighborhood of California, according to her Facebook page.  WE were tipped off with the picture above. 

Durant has also been spotted several times in her snapchat account, and we’re being told Kevin is 100% dating her, he just does’t want to go public with it says our tipster. Check out more pics of Cass below, she looks like a legit keeper.  

We also received this screencap via our tipline, but not sure what that’s all about. It’s pretty funny though. Looks like Kevin doesn’t want anyone but Cass sliding into his DM’s?