Kid Rock impressed golf legend Jack Nicklaus by sinking a 40-foot putt at the Bass Pro Shops of Golf Celebrity Shootout.

The Bawitdaba singer went Drano on the long attempt Sunday at Top of the Rock golf course in Ridgedale, Mo. Kid Rock teamed up with Nicklaus for the contest. 

On one hole, the Detroit rapper eyed the 40-foot attempt. The Golden Bear watched his partner take the stroke, which went to the left before coming back to the right and dropping in. 

The singer celebrated by lifting his arm up in the air, before turning around and giving a high-five to the 18-time major winner. Then he hijacked the mic 

Kid Rock has zero golf etiquette, looks as if he’s wearing jeans. Cm-on Kid, show some respect, that’s the GOAT you’re playing with.