Golden State Warriors superstar Klay Thompson got rolled over early in the game by who else but JR Smith, and limped away to the locker room. It was on his already bad left knee, and it looked like there was no way he could return. 

Not only did he return, but he shot 8-16 for 24 points and played 45 minutes, helping the Warriors get a huge win. After the game Klay was doing his thing on Instagram, and we were tipped off he liked Dylan Gonzalez’ post. Now why is this a big deal you ask? Well we first posted the two are allegedly seeing each other on the down low.  

Here is the screenshot of Klay liking her post below: 

The Warriors updated Thompson’s status on Friday, clarifying that the injury isn’t near his knee, but rather, closer to his ankle.  “I’m just looking forward to getting 100 percent,” Thompson said. “But I’m not missing Sunday.” said Klay. Nothing to make your ankle feel better than a Dylan Gonzalez IG pic. What’s not to like. You can check out more of her below: