If the NBA is worried about any loudmouth basketball dads following in the footsteps of LaVar Ball, they need not be concerned with Mychal Thompson. The former Lakers big man and two-time NBA champion always keeps things cool. 

Klay is a lucky man having a championship father, and with that, comes championship winning advice. Mychal was recently a guest host on ESPN’s Mason and Ireland podcast, and they ending up talking about prenups, related to athletes. 

He had this to say below about some advice he offered up to his son Klay regarding the ladies. 

Mychal said he told Klay ‘when you meet a girl, find one who does not need you to be successful, and who does not need your money for her to live well. Find one who has her own thing going, her own career, her own interests, not someone attracted to you because you have a glamorous job, someone who just wants to go to NBA games and walk around holding a drink in her hand.’ 

Ironically this very much sounds like every girl Klay has been attached to. Hopefully Klay heeds his father’s advice, and finds a successful strong independent woman. In the meantime, have fun with all those others while you still can Klay. Shooters have to shoot!