File this one under stranger things to sell on EBAY. One fan decided it was time to sell his fanhood, which is bizarre in itself, because of course, anyone can freely be a fan of any team. 

Well here’s what it entails below:  Via EBAY

I hate the Knicks. I love the Knicks, but I hate the Knicks. Die-hard New York Knicks fan. My childhood room is still filled with posters from the 90’s, the good ole glory days. And not just Ewing, LJ, Houston, I’m talking Rick Brunson NYK articles cut-out, laminated, and still in what is now basically a museum. Pictures of me at 13-years old with blue & orange colored braces, that’s a tough yearbook photo, and in a Knicks collared shirt to match nonetheless! After all the ups, downs, more downs, more downs, infinite downs, I have reached my absolute breaking point. As of this moment, my New York Knicks fan-hood is officially for sale. What is included in bidding on my new fan-hood? I will honor the team of your choosing and be a fan. What does that entail?

• Root for this team whole-heartly

• Bet $500 on their team total over wins, whatever it may be. Ensuring I root for them each and every game

• Buy the NBA package to watch every game

• Buy 2 different players jersey from the team

• Attend 1 Home Game of this team (obviously I have to cover flight and lodging as well)

• Attend 1 Away Game of this team (again, a full travel package)

• Throw out my awesome Knicks trash can, replacing it with the team of your choosing

• Burn no less than 3 articles of Knicks memorabilia

• Your teams license plate casing for my car

Knicks fans are desperately starving for a winner. When your team is in the biggest market in the league, you expect more, and certainly better. I don’t see the Knicks being relevant for quite some time. Good luck on selling your fanhood.